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Blast the “evils” of inefficiency with new iPhone app

Fight your way through futuristic worlds filled with incandescent invaders. The mission: to conquer the inefficiency of incandescent light bulbs by using a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Cannon blasts the “evils” of inefficiency out of the sky. Yes, you read … Continue reading

Bulb Blasters

The bees knees

The Golden Bee – The BROADMOOR’s own traditional English pub – is making some buzz with its 50th anniversary celebration. A post earlier this month mentioned the social media-promoted “Bee Hunt” around downtown Colorado Springs, which was a scavenger hunt for the limited-edition”50 … Continue reading

Bee Hunt 2nd Place Winners

Happy 21st Birthday, Kylie Loveless

Happy birthday to the cutest little nugget at Vladimir Jones! Her name is Kylie and jamming to Jay-Z, sipping on Mass Transit and hanging with the homies is the only way our integrated production coordinator will have it. We’ve been … Continue reading

Kylie's 21st Birthday

Centers for Disease Control uses zombies for social media marketing

Happy Zombie Awareness Month! The Centers for Disease Control celebrated (and educated) with a very creative social media marketing tactic: a “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” blog on their website. It’s the year of the zombie (yes, we too watch The Walking Dead), so it … Continue reading

CDC Zombie

If it shakes like a fish…

Help me help you. The notion of a job fair seems a little overwhelming – hitting so many employers in the same day – but it doesn’t have to be. So let’s start at the beginning, the handshake. This simple … Continue reading

Handshakes Wet Fish

Cause marketing can taste oh so good

A year ago, Panera Bread Co. converted one of its restaurants (the Clayton location in a St. Louis suburb) into a non-profit pay-what-you-want restaurant. The idea: to help feed the needy and raise money for charitable work. And 100-percent goes … Continue reading

Cafe Options

One-man campaign to keep vinyl spinning

According to a video by Third Man Records, “97-percent of all high school aged kids have never been to a stand alone record store.” So, Jack White (the second half of the White Stripes, rocker and music-marketing mogul) brought the record store … Continue reading

Third Man Records

Red wall blue wall one wall two walls

Being an agency of exciting minds, we live for creativity. So it’s no wonder our Insight extraordinaire Kimberly Gillem sent us (via Twitter) this compelling read in the Wall Street Journal about how architecture, views and interior space can make or break … Continue reading

Head Cloud

Loyalty loves company

Calling all Starwood Preferred Guests and JetBlue frequenters! These two brands are offering new digital marketing freebie-earner opportunities. All you need is a smartphone. I know some people here at our Colorado advertising agency (like our senior copywriter Coe) who’ll … Continue reading

JetBlue Facebook

The game of quick draw…in a photobooth

Photobooths are fun! If you saw the pictures that came out of our advertising agency’s Halloween party in 2009 and 40th anniversary last year, you’d agree. So, when I saw this video post on Creativity about the recent OOH marketing … Continue reading

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