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Where were you in 1985?

It’s safe to say that the a good portion of our VJ staffers had not yet set foot on this great planet. (Sidebar: During a recent lunch a few of us were discussing celebration of the Bicentennial and were met … Continue reading

Where were you in 1985?

How Google could kill the internet porn experience

Click… Click… Virus… Damn it! It’s a familiar activity for the porn newbie, the occasional download of bad content and the “reboot” necessary to repair the virus damage. Ah, the simple days of just re-installing your operating system and starting … Continue reading

Google Plus

To stay or not to stay is now an easier question

Hotel and package deals are quite abundant these days. From Groupon and LivingSocial Escapes to Jetsetter and the still popular Priceline, they’re popping up all over the place… especially at an App Store near you. One of the latest and … Continue reading

Hotel Tonight

Finding tourism fans (and business) on Facebook

While a travel and/or tourism-based business or organization has yet to crack the top 30 pages on Facebook (President Obama tops that list, while McDonald’s comes in at number 30 – according to Inside Facebook), more and more travel entities … Continue reading


Digital toolkits vary by audience

When booking a vacation, leisure travelers are morphing into professional travel agents – researching destinations for hours on end, updating their “bucket lists,” reading reviews, planning activities, and on and on. Digital tools have given travelers the ability (and, subsequently … Continue reading


Get your tech-marketing on at Comic-Con

More than 130,000 tech-savvy fans are gathering this weekend in one place, International Comic-Con in San Diego. This is an important event for vendors and exhibitors – even those not a part of the comic book kingdom – because there’s … Continue reading

The Walking Dead set

“Eat your heart out” has a whole new meaning

Opening a new restaurant every week is not easy. At least one can only imagine it isn’t, but Chef Ludo Lefebvre can tell you first hand. Chef Ludo Lefebvre from “Top Chef Masters” is bringing pop-up eateries to you through … Continue reading

Ludo Bites America photo by Sundance

Mobile becoming more essential to tourism marketers

While mobile marketing for tourism may still be in its infancy, a recent survey shows the demand for mobile information by travelers is on an uptick, with 38 percent of mobile device users reporting they have used their device to … Continue reading

Trip Advisor Mobile App

In light of stalling economic recovery, Americans really want a vacation

We’re smack in the middle of vacation season – and the angst emanating from Washington and many state capitols over budget concerns is not lost on the American tourist. In light of ongoing personal (and state and national) budget woes, … Continue reading

Pack your suitcase

Get a whiff of this 3-D billboard in Denver

In an effort to bring awareness to the unmistakable awfully odorous bouquet of household natural gas, aka “mercaptan,” aka, “rotten eggs,” or more commonly referred to by the sophomoric among us as “fart,” Xcel Energy and Vladimir Jones have given … Continue reading

ColoradoSafety Advertising Campaign: 3-D Billboard
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