“Eat your heart out” has a whole new meaning

Opening a new restaurant every week is not easy. At least one can only imagine it isn’t, but Chef Ludo Lefebvre can tell you first hand. Chef Ludo Lefebvre from “Top Chef Masters” is bringing pop-up eateries to you through the “tube.” The television, that is. With pop-up restaurants a growing sensation, he and his wife Krissy traveled to six American cities, including Santa Fe, N.M.; Mobile, Ala.; Denver; Omaha and Redondo Beach to film a reality show where they open temporary pop-up restaurants in unfamiliar locations to dish out high-end food.

While in Denver, Lefebvre “killed, skinned and gutted a 1,200-pound bison and took a bite of its still-hot heart,” according to an LA Times blog post. Lefebvre said, “I felt I needed to do it to respect her, because I killed her.” Later that night, he prepared bison dishes, including bison tartar with parsley roots and Asian pears. Makes sense why the Sundance Channel show is titled “Ludo Bites America,” right. Interested? The show is on every Tuesday at 9 p.m.