Get your tech-marketing on at Comic-Con

More than 130,000 tech-savvy fans are gathering this weekend in one place, International Comic-Con in San Diego. This is an important event for vendors and exhibitors – even those not a part of the comic book kingdom – because there’s a fully-engaged, enthusiastic group right at their fingertips. Advertising, marketing, digital and public relations agencies have picked up on the fact that the event itself and its entertainment fans from around the world are continuously adapting to the advancements in technology and evolving social media platforms.

Brands like Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel and Hallmark include blogger outreach to influential comic book/sci-fi writers, as well as outreach to mom bloggers, and Tweeters.

Mattel has been attending the convention since 2000 and recognizes the need to stay connected with fans through social media. This year, the company is running a Twitter contest for people who take photos at the booth.

The engagement does not stop online. At Comic-Con, the most successful booths are those that create some sort of two-way interaction with consumers. Think of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” booth last year. A mock-up of the show’s set and an interactive video that starred you, the interested consumer, which was emailed out to you for sharing with friends.