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Ground control to Major Tom

Imagination is the root of music, and music stems creativity, which comes to life in many different forms. Take David Bowie’s classic space epic. It inspired many different things, from movies to other songs to a Venture Bros. episode to, … Continue reading


The art of the deal

Negotiation – we all do it every day in one form or another.  It can be as simple as the dinner plate you negotiate with your child, or as complex as financing a new car. At Vladimir Jones, a Colorado-based … Continue reading


Oh SnapTag!

The latest fashion accessories for today’s technology are SnapTags. Glamour Magazine is all about it, putting those brand barcodes on the cover twice in one month. Why? Because they look good, and are pretty effective. This hotter-looking, scan-worthy tactic is … Continue reading


Hands down. Wheels up.

It’s August and there are a lot of people saying, “where did my summer go?” Well, the good news is, summer isn’t over in Colorado without the USA Pro Cycling Challenge passing through a few towns. From Colorado Springs to … Continue reading

People's Pedal Party

Stuff worth knowing about…

In the day and age of information overload, we’ve gathered a few things worthy of checking out this week – you know, from here and there and everywhere. First up – a site that let’s you take a two-minute break … Continue reading

Trip Huddle