¿Habla español?

In the past, agencies thought that in order to reach the Hispanic and Latino markets, a brand must advertise on Spanish-speaking networks.  Times are a changing.  “According to the Census, 12% of the US population speaks Spanish, and more than half of that group speaks English proficiently,” Jacqueline Hernandez, head of Hispanics at NBCU and COO of Telemundo, said in a release.  In other words, you don’t need to speak just Spanish to reach the United States’ Hispanic community.  

State Farm saw opportunity.  And in an effort to get the word out about their services across the generation spectrum of Hispanic consumers, State Farm is setting out to launch a multimedia campaign across Comcast’s NBC Universal.  So while State Farm will advertise with NBCU’s Telemundo and Mun2 networks, they are also showcasing the brand on Style, NBC and E! Makes total sense.  The ads centered around the ALMA Awards will be customized for each media property in the creative rotation.    

Hmmm. . . Reach a broader group of Hispanics?  Makes total sense. Heck, it’s almost common sense, right?  That’s what NBC Universal was thinking.  It understood that there are those who speak only Spanish, those who speak English and those who speak both.  So it devised an ad program meant to help marketers reach that specific, yet broader audience. 

Side note: Hispanic Heritage month begins this Thursday, Sept. 15 thru Oct. 15.