A Very Movember Thanksgiving

It’s the week of the turkey and all that stuff(ing). It’s also Week 4 and our VladMo Bro Team has a lot to be thankful for – like the fact they haven’t wound up in prison. Just kidding. Well, kind of. Let’s just say some of us our thankful the end is near. Only eight days left to grow and to get ready for the big reveal. Will our infamous 11 survive the holiday week? Or will they succumb to family pressure and potential family photos? This may be the first time some of their family and friends are seeing their mo in all its glory.

So as you pass the turkey around and that jelly roll cranberry stuff, make sure to speak up and talk about the face of men’s health. Maybe ask your father or uncle if they’ve had a prostate cancer screening. There’s no time like tryptophan time to bring up almost any topic. This is a strong lot of VladMo Bros, so my guess is that they will survive. Oh yes, they will survive. (Except for someone who shall remain nameless…Tristan Olson. Unfortunately he did succumb to the pressure and we are sorry to see his moun-grow.)

However, stay tuned and remember there is still time to support these brave souls by visiting our Mo Space Page. We are SO close to surpassing our total amount raised last year of $1,605. As of today, we have reached $1,584 – way to go VladMos! And a special shout out to Joe Hodas and Garett Riggs for being our top two fundraisers thus far! Rock on with your bad mo selves!

Happy Gobble Gobble!