Holiday trivia time…courtesy of Nick Sabatello (a.k.a. Sabs)

“In the meadow we can build a snowman,
then pretend that he is Parson Brown.
He’ll say ‘Are You Married?’
We’ll say ‘No man, but you can do the job when you’re in town!”

With the exception of Dan Rosing who knows all trivia and then some, I wondered as many of you might have wondered, who is Parson Brown? And why are we making snowmen like him?

In case your curiosity has gotten the best of you like it has for me, I had to research this and the most appropriate and brief answer is, “Parson”, is another name for minister, taken from the Protestant minister who often travelled among small rural towns to perform wedding ceremonies for denominational followers who did not have a local minister of their faith. Therefore, the children are most likely pretending that their snowman is a Parson with the surname “Brown,” which would be visiting the town again in the future.

I suppose Father McMurphy wouldn’t fit in the lyrical style. Let’s see how you build your snowman! Click here to get started.