25 Reasons to go to the Denver Fifty (because 50 reasons is just way too many):

1. To see the 50 great ideas that came out of this region. Duh.
2. It includes appetizers…and hopefully you’ll remember to eat one or two before libations.
3. It includes the Award Book – or as some call it, the bathroom book (okay, nobody really calls it that but you know it’s being done).
4. Your ticket gets you admission to the After Party, so you can party, well, after.
5. The After Party includes one free drink, late night snacks and raffle prizes…yes, I said free drink.
6. To tell the organizers that after ten, you get to use numerals.
7. To soak up the glory if you happen to be one of the recipients of a non-trophy.
8. To mingle with others like yourself.
9. To speak only about one topic all night and not get in trouble for it.
10. To have a real reason to come into work late on a Friday.
11. To scope out your competition and plot their demise.
12. To scope out your competition and offer them a job.
13. To scope out your competition and see if they have an open job.
14. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get out of work early on Thursday.
15. What happens at the Denver Fifty stays at the Denver Fifty, unless you get photographed or recorded on someone’s iPhone.
16. At least one person will wind up getting drunk and making a fool of themselves.
17. You don’t want to be the only one in the industry that didn’t go.
18. There is bound to be a few obnoxious creatives that you can make fun of.
19. Eavesdropping on conversations will make for good water cooler talk the next day.
20. It’s a good opportunity to get rid of your business cards.
21. The Ad Club Denver needs your money, I mean, support.
22. Grey’s Anatomy is a repeat.
23. So is Private Practice.
24. You can TiVo/DVR 30 Rock and fast forward through the commercials…wait, people in advertising can’t say that…can they?
25. And finally, you know advertising peeps know how to party and keep it rock’n…

- C. Coe, Sr. Copywriter