Monthly Archives: March 2012

New study links soccer skills to advertising and PR savvy

OK, it’s a study we just formulated in our heads. But it makes sense. Speed. Accuracy. Creative improvisation. Spirit. These skills so embedded in our agency culture helped bring F.C.V.J. (Football Club Vladimir Jones) to a 5-3 victory Thursday night in their … Continue reading

fcvj season 1

Sale of Ivywild School marks a new era in cool

You know how, when you visit a new city, you look for the SPOT. Maybe it’s a neighborhood. Maybe it’s the heart of a downtown. Often it’s near a college. It’s the place where you can park your car and … Continue reading


You can win a free trip to Vail

No, you don’t have to sit through a time-share spiel. To enter to win a free weekend for two in Vail, a $500 Visa gift card or two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines, you just need to sign up and complete the … Continue reading


The dream and nightmare of joining Vladimir Jones

I thought I was done with the kind of anxiety nightmares that had me walk into my elementary school naked. But changing careers after 33 years can throw quite a loop to the psyche. I’ve worked in newspapers all of … Continue reading


Retreat doesn’t always mean surrender

If you want to get out of your own head, sometimes you need to get out of the office. Really out of the office. The annual VJ account service retreat took us to a place where we could be in … Continue reading

Brew Your Mood (2)

There may be evil lurking in your living rooms!

Vladimir Jones is all about energy—-connecting with it, talking about it, infusing people with it, sharing it and showing it. And it just so happens that one of our clients, Xcel Energy, provides it as a service to hundreds of … Continue reading


Follow VJ to SXSW

With humble, yet ambitious roots that date back to 1987 when it was launched as a “music festival,”  South by Southwest (aka South By or SxSW) has become one of THE premier Interactive, Music and Film events in the country … Continue reading