There may be evil lurking in your living rooms!

Vladimir Jones is all about energy—-connecting with it, talking about it, infusing people with it, sharing it and showing it. And it just so happens that one of our clients, Xcel Energy, provides it as a service to hundreds of thousands of people across eight states. But when it comes to getting creative about how to teach people to conserve it…well, most people would tell you that’s a pretty boring message to deliver.

Xcel Energy and VJ refused to see it that way.

We are proud to share with you our latest collaborative creation with Xcel Energy, titled simply “Gaming.” It’s all about saving energy by unplugging those gaming consoles that we (or our kids) use so often. But as we hope you’ll agree, we think that there is no denying the amount of energy this ad brings to its audience. It’s a great mix of live action and animation, directed by Steve Colby of Pogo Pictures. All of the post-production was accomplished by our in-house post-production arm, Riposte. The original songs were composed by GrooveWorx and the visual effects were supervised by Chris Vallier and modeled in Maya.

In addition, a number of the VJ team were involved in making this happen:

Chief Creative Officer: George Olson
Creative Director: Ryan Johnson
Associate Creative Director: Phil Barber
Agency Producer Tristan Olson
Integrated Production Coordinators: Nicole Emery and Eric Olson
Account Group Director: Karen Cantey
Account Supervisor: Ashley Maxon
Account Team: Shannon Ryan, Cody Gore, Christina Stine and Meghan Papp

Suffice it to say, we are proud of the work, energized by our partnership with Xcel Energy and very excited to share this with you.