Retreat doesn’t always mean surrender

If you want to get out of your own head, sometimes you need to get out of the office. Really out of the office.

The annual VJ account service retreat took us to a place where we could be in the moment, grow and take ourselves to task. It’s a place we like to call Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District.

This all-day retreat stuff wasn’t all fun and games. Well, actually it was nothing but fun and games. But those games allowed us to hit our own refresh buttons as well as share best practices with one-another.

Like most of the VJ team, we account services folks thrive on competition, so, naturally the retreat culminated in the ultimate (friendly) intellectual smackdown.

Diabolical Digital Strategist Ryan Serpan created two digital client challenges, and our two teams quickly got to work on brainstorming, problem resolution and presentation development to craft innovative answers in website design, digital engagement and budget management for our two imagined (though they felt real to us) clients.

A panel of VJ experts provided counsel and guidance to the two teams, and ultimately judged each solution to determine the best of the best (though, truth be told, we thought both teams were pretty darn good).

In typical account service fashion, each team worked down to the wire. While each group demonstrated amazing strength, talent and zeal under pressure, the “Brew Your Mood” team (pictured here) was crowned the winner. They were able to establish a compelling value proposition that led to a web design worthy of development along with ideas to draw users to the site, retain and deepen their engagement. (We’re still figuring out how to bill that imaginary client.)

If your account rep is among those in the photo, give him or her a hearty congratulations! But also know that every member of VJ’s talented account team gained valuable knowledge during the retreat. And we also strengthened our relationships to boot, while having a wonderful, inspiring day together.