Every rep counts

What do burpees, box jumps, thrusters, wall balls and muscle ups have to do with advertising? More than you’d think.

Our president recently wrote an article for Ad Age Small Agency Diaries entitled “When good enough is not good enough.” How often are we faced with deadlines, client demands, a mounting project load that we just try to “get done” so we can move on? Is it even worth the effort if we aren’t going to really give it our best?

This came to mind when I was introduced to the 2012 CrossFit Open. Beginning February 22-March 25 a new open workout is posted each week for participants to complete. Scores of athletes from all over the world compete and the top 60 in each region qualify for Regional’s and three men and women per region qualify for finals to contend for the title of “Fittest on Earth.”

Everyone at my gym was doing it, so I figured why not? Week one: complete as many burpees as possible in 7 minutes. My lack of enthusiasm showed in the outcome: 83 reps placing me in the 134th position of 419 competitors in my division (Masters). This is when “When good enough is not enough came to mind.” When facing difficult and complex situations in my professional life, I strive to push the limits of the data to inspire breakthrough thinking and I thought – if I’m willing to put my all into my professional life, why not into my personal life?

This prompted a total change in orientation. I knew I could actually do this. My new mantra became “every rep counts,” as I approached the second week. Week two complete as many reps as possible of Power Snatch: 45 pounds x 30, 75 pounds x 30, 100 pounds x 30, and 120 pounds x 30. Seriously? This one was scary. While the “strong women” in my gym cheered me on I completed 60 reps and moved into a tie for 28th place overall. A new personal record – I hauled 75 pounds overhead not just once but 30 times.

Be it personal or professional, wouldn’t it be awesome if we approached everything in our lives seeking a new personal best? It could actually make things much more fun, and I’d bet our clients, families and friends would notice./ Mimi