New campaign: Adventure Favors the Bold

After years of establishing the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park brand with our “Think Deep” campaign, it was time to dig deeper.

The truth was that some people still thought of it as simply a bridge. We realized the greatest opportunity would be realized when we brought a more multi-faceted view of the landmark to the fore, one that highlighted the more than 21 thrilling rides, shows and attractions.

With the new campaign, “Adventure Favors the Bold,” we want to show consumers everything the park has to offer and that a visit is a full day experience.  Here’s the essence of the campaign:

“It’s bigger than you could imagine. There’s more to do than you could’ve thought. And if your family’s got bold in their blood, then, y’all belong right here. Through our advertising, we plan to give people a taste of the experience, and surprise, when they realize that we are so much more than simply a bridge. With millions of years of natural beauty, the Royal Rush Skycoaster, incline railway, aerial tram, Soaring Eagle Zip Line, 10-acres of wild life park, and, of course—the star of the show— the bridge itself, this is a place for bold families to experience one big, bold, bonding experience. So dig deep.  And get ready for a day this big, this bold and this busy to bring you closer together than you ever thought.”