VJ Account Services Team ready to climb Digital Summit

VJ’s Account Services team has spent the past 12 months getting serious about digital, and its Year of Digital Immersion will culminate in a half-day Digital Summit on Dec. 12 in our Denver offices. Account managers will present their most original and successful digital work, followed by a roundtable discussion with Boulder Digital Works Executive Director David Slayden.  BDW is a cutting-edge graduate and professional education program at CU-Boulder designed to support agency needs to combine creative strategy with innovative digital delivery.

David Slayden

An associate professor, Slayden  has more than 20 years of experience as an editor, scriptwriter, creative director, and professor of communication arts. Slayden’s students at SMU and CU have repeatedly won, placed in or been finalists in the “One Show” and currently work at a variety of top agencies.

“We now live in permanent beta. The pace of change in the 21st century is continually accelerating. A networked information economy is a reality.The world is becoming more interconnected, complex and transparent.The knowledge economy has a seemingly unlimited need for intellectual property.” – David Slayden