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What does fall taste like?

Ugg Boots. Yoga Pants. Are we missing anything? Oh that’s right, that quintessential taste of fall from America’s favorite coffee-dispensing mermaid. The Starbucks Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.  This month, Shift is taking a look at how the beverage has changed America … Continue reading


October Shift Trends

What’s your least favorite thing about travel? The long security lines? Fees? What about other passengers? Airlines are now partnering with luxury carmakers to help passengers avoid passengers. Read more about this and other exciting trends in our world by … Continue reading


VJ Creative Retreat

Playing around as part of a team building exercise with the VJ creative department, we decided to spit in the face of our collective instinct for self-preservation and hurl ourselves off of perfectly sound mountains bound only to life, limb … Continue reading


Inspiring Health

Centura Health is putting you at the center of the future of health care. As the next evolution of the Inspire Health campaign, Centura Health is celebrating how each person’s unique version of healthy is essential to innovating health care … Continue reading


Choosing Happy

Smashburger’s delicious, smashed-to-order burgers have made them one of America’s fastest-growing companies, with more than 300 locations nationwide. We were thrilled when Smashburger asked us to help them create energy and bring optimism to the handcrafted burger category—to show how … Continue reading


Data With Insight Changes Everything

Data is interesting. Data with insight is powerful. Knowing that travelers are bombarded throughout the booking process with everything from fare sales to review sites, VJ knew we had to cut through the clutter. And doing that turned a $64,000 investment into … Continue reading


Idle minds lose theirs. Volunteer yours.

Left alone, unharnessed, unappreciated, or underwear-clad-basement-dwelling-lone-wolfman-influenced creative energy may gradually erode your sanity. In an effort to provide a meaningful outlet for this region’s advertising community, Ad Club Vice President and our Creative Director Jen Hohn decided to issue a … Continue reading


September Shift Trends

The monthly trend report from our Insight team has a new look…and a new name! Shift Trends now features an interactive template, shorter insight snippets, and new and exciting graphic design. From 3D printed brains to restaurants serving refuse in … Continue reading


August Insight Marketing Trends

You test drive your car, why wouldn’t you test drive other products in your life? Major tech companies, like Samsung and Google, are going by the way of dealerships and offering “try before you buy” options to make consumers feel … Continue reading


July Insight Marketing Trends

Millennials are once again proving that social influence can make waves. Reading Rainbow, a popular television program for the post-baby boomer generation has been off the air for years. When the creator, Levar Burton, began a Kickstarter campaign to revitalize … Continue reading

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