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May Insight Marketing Trends

What is your biggest concern with online shopping – ease of purchase or cost? Amazon is hoping that increasing convenience and lowering the number of steps in a transaction will encourage shoppers to buy and spend more. Enter #AmazonCart, a … Continue reading


March Insight Marketing Trends Report

Ahhh…..smell that? Of course you don’t. But the marketing mavericks behind Brooks Brothers sure do – it’s the smell of success – and it’s working. With a new branded steak house called “Makers and Merchants”, Brooks Brothers is hoping to … Continue reading


140 Characters and Six Seconds

On Thursday, Jan. 24, it was announced that Twitter had acquired the video service Vine and the app was launched to iPhone and iPod touch owners of the world. The announcement immediately garnered global media attention and thousands of early-adopting … Continue reading


3 Things To Consider With Facebook Graph Search

Search is getting even more social. Last week, Facebook began rolling out a phased launch of an advanced internal search system called Graph Search, which gives users the unprecedented ability to search within a personal social graph for specific information … Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search screenshot

How to effectively use email


VJ goes FAST for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Speeding through Colorado, the USA Pro Challengerepresents professional cycling at its most scenic. Its most slap-you-in-the-face gorgeous. Stage 5, from Breckenridge to Colorado Springs represents professional cycling at it’s most cheek-clenchingly, white-knucklingly, face-meltingly fast. In fact, some experts predict this could be the fastest stage riders face the entire professional season. Continue reading


Vladimir Jones adds some color to its client roster with addition of Comex® Group family of U.S. brands

News Facts • Vladimir Jones, a full-service marketing and insights agency that lives at the intersection of Art and Commerce, announces the addition of the Comex® family of U.S. brands, part of the Comex® Group, to its client roster. • … Continue reading


Christmas creep: Savvy retailing or holiday humbug?

It struck me about 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5th. Half asleep on the sofa, I was suddenly shocked into consciousness when I heard the unmistakable sound of the Whos down in Whoville: “Wahoo, doray, wahoo, doray…” Is it? Could … Continue reading


VJ Halloween Overreaction 2011

We survived this year’s VJ Halloween Overreaction celebration! And so did our amazing judges – Erin & Michael Myers, Steve Hitchcock & Bunny from UpaDowna, Bryce Crawford from Colorado Springs Independent, Diane Russelavage and Nechie Hall. Thankfully Downtown Colorado Springs … Continue reading


Brand them first, then convert. . .creating sales conversions with digital

There is very little difference between selling a product online and selling that same product in person. Sometimes it can be hard to remember, let alone realize the similarities. The only differences are: (1) instead of entering a physical store, … Continue reading

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